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The purpose of life

“What is the purpose of life? After much consideration, I believe that the purpose of life is to find happiness.” ― Dalai Lama XIV
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We can probably all agree on the quote above. If we are happy, we are satisfied in all areas of life. We are satisfied with our health, our relationships, our financial situation, career, and ourselves.

However, happiness doesn’t simply teach us to appreciate everything we have and to see past the imperfections but countless studies have shown that happiness is actually a superpower that improves all areas of our lives, including our productivity, creativity, overall cognitive performance, resilience, generosity, relationships, kindness, health, and our goal-reaching abilities.

The benefits of being happy

Everything rises dramatically when a person is happy. Here are some of the many benefits of becoming a happier person.

How to become happy

Our happiness levels depend on three factors:

  • Our genetic set-point (50%)
  • External circumstances (only 10%)
  • Actions and behavior (40%)

We have been conditioned to believe that genes plus external circumstances equal potential and that our behavior doesn’t matter. But recent studies have shown that our behavior actually matters a lot.

We can control our behavior and thus our happiness levels.
You can (and will) become the happiest version of yourself by learning about the many joy-boosting activities, putting them into practice, and including them in your daily routine.

Some of these joy-boosting activities are:

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Let us guide you by the hand and help you achieve lasting happiness …


At 4 Happy U, we’re here to light your path to happiness with science-backed positive psychology coaching. We offer a holistic approach to help you uncover the secrets of happiness and arm you with the tools to achieve positive outcomes in every aspect of your life. You can book a single session or a whole course for yourself or your company. Read more here and book a session at


As happiness is actually a series of actions and, luckily, highly enjoyable daily habits, we have created a set of products and a yearly program designed to help you get organized, to support you, and above all to actually raise your happiness levels by encouraging you to learn about joy, to perform all the tasks and happiness-boosting activities, and to monitor how each activity makes you feel, so you can identify the ones that work best for you.

You will find all the latest scientific data on how to raise your happiness levels, learn about the art of creating strong and healthy habits, and with positive quotes and affirmations, you will easily keep on track and find lasting inner joy.

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The 4 Happy U 2021 Schedule Planner & Gratitude Journal will help you get organized, enable you to practice gratitude on a daily basis, teach you how to become happier, and by encouraging you to perform weekly happiness-boosting activities it will actually raise your happiness levels dramatically. 

You will be able to monitor whether or not you did your weekly happiness task and how it made you feel. By repeating your weekly affirmations you will slowly but surely rewire your brain to the positive and the happiness quotes will inspire and motivate you to continue on your joy-finding journey.

4 Happy U 2021 Schedule Planner & Gratitude Journal

Both the 4 Happy U 2021 Schedule Planner & Gratitude Journal and the 4 Happy U School Year 2021/2022 Schedule Planner & Gratitude Journal (COMING IN SPRING 2021) are basically the same, except the latter will be created especially for students of all ages, designed to help you organize your school year, make you happier, and thus boost your problem-solving ability, your creativity, your intelligence, your memory, and your overall educational outcomes.

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4 Happy U Happiness e-book

The 4 Happy U Happiness eBook is a concise overview and summary of some of the most popular books and studies on happiness. In it, you will find all the latest scientific findings on joy and learn everything you need to know about what exactly is happiness, the things we believe would make us happy but don’t and the ones that actually can make us happy, the limiting features and destructive emotions that thwart our ability to be happy, and the simple yet extremely effective methods and habits that have been proven to raise our happiness levels dramatically. 

4 Happy U Happiness e-book all you need to know about happiness

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Moral and inspirational stories are extremely powerful tools. They have a way of touching our hearts, playing to our emotions, and thus sticking with us forever. Imagine what a difference it would make to read one deep, powerful, truly life-altering tale a day – 365 a year! 

We have created a collection of 365 moral and inspirational stories, a treasury of wisdom from all times and all places. They are short, engaging, and entertaining, designed to teach us valuable life lessons, remind us to appreciate what we have, install a strong sense of morality in us, impart knowledge and wisdom, broaden our horizons, bestow important values, encourage us to focus on kindness and positivity, and thus make our lives better and richer in every single way.

This eBook is suitable for children and adults alike, and the best choice for parent-child high-quality bonding.

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